There are many lodges and many outfitters that offer great fishing; not to mention the numerous independent guides that fish all the public rivers of central Patagoania. The unique feature that Estancia El Corcovado offers is the unparalleled fishing experience with its vast 400,000+ acre property and 96 miles of private waters that are private and inaccessible to anyone else. The property boasts a diverse range of fishing spots, including the Corcovado and Tecka rivers, numerous spring creeks and natural lagoons that flow throughout the expansive land. The exclusive access to these private waters ensures that the fishing is always spectacular and never over-fished, making it an ideal paradise for experienced anglers from around the world. Fish all day every day, while never crossing another angler and never leave the property! Miles and miles of private land and waters, available just for you and your family and friends. This is priceless!!

Patagonia is renowned for its world-class fly fishing and Estancia El Corcovado is the perfect example. What sets this sheep and cattle working ranch apart from others in the area is the exclusive access miles of private trout waters, an exclusive feature that cannot be found anywhere else. The Corcovado River flows through the property, providing a habitat for Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout. The river is primarily fished from drift boats, but wading can be done in the freestone flats and banks. The smaller Rio Tecka, a major spring creek, requires delicate bank fishing with various dry fly patterns that result in exciting strikes and large fish. The property also features other spring creeks that offer a challenging test for any angler, along with some lagoons that harbor great fish. With a diverse range of landscapes and rivers, Estancia El Corcovado is the ultimate destination for trout fishing in Patagonia.


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